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Phase2 Advantage Cyber Security: Client Reviews and Testimonials

Phase2 Advantage strives to provide students with an exceptional training experience. A beautiful coastal location offers students an opportunity to relax and refresh when the training day is finished. An excellent training facility allows students to learn in a comfortable and state-of-the-art environment. Exceptional local hotels and restaurants cater to every taste, and the prospect of obtaining a nationally recognized certification makes travel worthwhile. However, the core component of our programs is training, and that’s where we truly differentiate ourselves from the crowd.

Enthusiastic instruction from subject matter experts keep the students motivated to learn. The dynamic nature of training ensures students remain engaged and eager to participate. The incorporation of experiential knowledge during field training exercises assures students their training experience will give them the capability of applying their knowledge practically and effectively. The entire experience is excellent, but the training provided during that experience is why people are talking.

Chuck R., Dean, Hallmark School of Business & School of Information Technology and Cybersecurity

"IT and Cyber training provided by Michael Kaplan is highly relevant and technically comprehensive, ideal for students new to or maturing in the field. The real-world illustrations from his own extensive cyber life experiences that he brings to the classroom and the simulations and mini-scenarios he has students work through provide Mr. Kaplan’s students with engaging and practical understanding to do well in certification testing. He is a master trainer."

Chuck R.,

Dean, Hallmark University School of Information Technology and Cybersecurity

“Phase2 Advantage has increased the ability to fill the skills gap in cyber-related work roles. With an impending, worker shortage in cybersecurity position assessed to be heading toward 20 Million worldwide by 2020, the training and consulting support of Phase2 is a critical resource for businesses and their executives to commit to now.”

Scott S.,

Department Head, Cyber Security, Savannah Technical College

Jarrod B., Chief Information Officer, Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

“After attending the Certified Disaster Recovery Engineer Training by Phase2 Advantage, I feel extremely confident in my ability to plan, prevent, and recover from disasters. Real-world examples and tactics were provided to accompany the Mile2 training that will be invaluable when creating and evaluating Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Plans. I highly recommend this course to Business Continuity Planners and Cybersecurity Professionals at all levels of their careers. I left the training with both the knowledge and certification to be successful in this key aspect of my job.”

Jarrod B.,

Chief Information Officer, Wiregrass Georgia Technical College

Robert P., IT Manager, Wheeler County State Bank - Atlantic South Bank

“Michael Kaplan is a topnotch cyber security trainer with a true passion for his curriculum and his students. He provided a catalyst for emergent understanding through group interactions within the classroom. I left the course with a thorough understanding of the material, a surety of purpose and ability to apply that knowledge effectively in my business environment.”

Robert P.,

Information Technology and Security Manager, Wheeler County State Bank - Atlantic South Bank

"I’ve worked on several projects over the years with Michael Kaplan and he is a consummate professional. I’ve been particularly impressed with his ability to command a room of students and get people on board with ideas - even students who were initially on completely different pages. He is extremely knowledgeable about the courses that he teaches and passionate about his students learning and succeeding in his class and at their place of employment."

Bill N.,

Perseus Information Security, Director of Buisness Development

Joe M., Founder and Director, Military V.E.T.S., LLC

“If you're looking to change careers or maybe just enhance your knowledge and improve your productivity in your present career, looking into Certified Cyber Security Training is a great decision. Michael Kaplan cares deeply about people attending all Phase2 Advantage courses. First, you’re a student in his classroom for a specified amount of time. Next, you’re a highly knowledgeable graduate of his courses with a valuable certification in the program you chose to attend. Finally, and most importantly, you’re his student and friend “for life.” Being able to reach out and contact Michael for assistance AFTER you’ve left the course and having him be willing to stand in your corner is worth a hundred times the cost of the course itself. I know this to be true because I’ve experienced Phase2 Advantage and Michael Kaplan’s training, and know he is now and will always be “my friend for life.” What student could ask for more?”

Joe M.,

Founder and Director, Military V.E.T.S., LLC

Garth L., Director of Strategic Partnerships, Periweb LTD.

“It is my pleasure to give a recommendation for Michael Kaplan and his company, Phase2 Advantage. His in-depth knowledge and extensive experience in the field of cyber security inspire the highest level of confidence and trust for those that utilize his services. His demonstrable knowledge and experience with respect to training, consulting and instructional design are a testament to his commitment to excellence.

I had the opportunity to work with Phase2 Advantage on multiple projects in the Caribbean region. These projects required a deep understanding of cyber security, physical security, and delivering complex training. Their expertise and professional demeanor allowed us to provide quality services that exceeded the clients' expectations. I recommend Michael Kaplan and Phase2 Advantage without hesitation to anyone who can utilize their services.”

Garth L.,

Director of Strategic Partnerships, Periweb LTD.

Ethan S., Information Technology Analyst, Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia

"I have attended several classes taught by Phase2 Advantage and Michael Kaplan, and he excels at engaging students and helping them apply course content to their own job responsibilities. He uses real-world examples and includes his own experiences to enrich the course materials. He also encourages students to use group discussion to work through issues together, both for classroom scenarios and real-world problems that the students are facing. In addition, he recognizes the fact that certifications are about more than a piece of paper, they are about the ability to apply the knowledge in the workplace, and he tailors his classes and teaching style to maximize retention and value for the students."

Ethan S.,

Information Technology Analyst, Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia

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