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Phase2 Advantage Cyber Security Training and Certifications: CLIENT TESTIMONIALS

Phase2 Advantage strives to provide students with an exceptional training experience. A beautiful coastal location offers students an opportunity to relax and refresh when the training day is finished. An excellent training facility allows students to learn in a comfortable and state-of-the-art environment. Exceptional local hotels and restaurants cater to every taste, and the prospect of obtaining a nationally recognized certification makes travel worthwhile. However, the core component of our programs is training, and that’s where we truly differentiate ourselves from the crowd.

Enthusiastic instruction from subject matter experts keep the students motivated to learn. The dynamic nature of training ensures students remain engaged and eager to participate. The incorporation of experiential knowledge during field training exercises assures students their training experience will give them the capability of applying their knowledge practically and effectively. The entire experience is excellent, but the training provided during that experience is why people are talking.

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