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Self-Study Cyber Security Certification Courses

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Self-Study Cyber Security Courses

Phase2 Advantage offers several self-study cyber security courses for individuals who are not able to attend classroom-based certification programs. This format allows students to learn at their own pace, in a comfortable environment, and receive a 60% discount off a classroom-based course.

These self-study courses include the same textbooks, work books, and lab textbooks used for classroom instruction.  Upon successful completion of the course, students can earn the Course Certification and will receive a 40-Hour CPE Credit Certificate. Our experienced instructors are always available to answer any question a student may have during their enrollment in the course.

We currently offer four cyber security courses in the self-study format: Certified Cyber Incident Response Manager, Certified Cyber Security Operations Manager, Certified Disaster Response and Recovery Manager, and Certified Network Forensic Analysis Manager.  

Certified Cyber Incident Response Manager (C-CIRM)

CRIM Self-Study Cyber Security Course

As organizations continue to rely on expanding infrastructure in an increasingly hostile threat landscape, the escalation of incidents involving malicious actors poses critical risks to information systems and networks. The ability to identify threats, respond to incidents, restore systems, and enhance security postures is vital to the survival of the operation.  The Cyber Incident Response Manager self-study course will provide students with the knowledge and the practical skills needed to investigate and respond to network and system incidents.

Certified Cyber Security Operations Manager (C-CSOM)

CSOM Self-Study Cyber Security Course

The Cyber Security Operations Manager self-study course brings Cyber Security core competencies to advanced levels with new concepts and traditional best practices. Using 16 detailed learning objects, students will be provided with the knowledge and context needed to successfully manage the security of their technical environments.  With the proper tools and training, managers in the Information Security and Cyber Security fields will be much more capable of finding success within their roles.

Certified Disaster Response and Recovery Manager (C-DRRM)

DRRM Self-Study Cyber Security Course

Facing daily risks to long-term success from a wide range of threats—cyber-attacks, human error, technical failures, and natural disasters—businesses must create practical plans to sustain their vital operations, security posture, industry reputation, and brand.  The Disaster Response and Recovery Manager self-study course prepares students for expertise in Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery Missions, and creating programs that enhance the organizations’ overall security posture.

Certified Network Forensic Analysis Manager (C-NFAM)

NFAM Self-Study Cyber Security Course

The Network Forensic Analysis Manager self-study course was originally developed for the U.S. government, and has now been made available to city, county, and state law enforcement agencies. Civilian personnel outside of the law enforcement community are also authorized to attend and will receive practical training for their business environments.  Students will be provided with both experiential knowledge and practical skills that simulate real-world scenarios, investigations, and recovery of evidentiary data in systems and networks.

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