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Become a Phase2 Advantage Cyber Security Training and Certification Partner

Providing Cyber Security Through Global Professional Networks

Become a Phase2 Advantage Cyber Security Training and Certification Partner

Phase2 Advantage is dedicated to working with its network of professional partners to deliver the highest quality cyber security training available. The certifications developed by the company are listed on the DHS NICCS website, which authorizes them to be taught as approved courses for government and military personnel.

Through its Partner Program, Phase2 Advantage provides physical and digital materials to training centers around the world presenting its cyber security courses. The company offers its partners a wide range of supporting services at no additional cost including customized Learning Management System Dashboards, train-the-trainer programs, and numerous marketing and co-branding benefits.

The Exam Prep Guides and Course Workbooks used in the certification courses are original content developed by Phase2 Advantage and published on major re-sellers such as Amazon.

Partners Have Global Access to Training and Certification Materials

All Phase2 Advantage cyber security certification materials are professionally produced and publish distributed through all major textbook re-sellers throughout the world.  Training partners are able to order these materials directly with dealing with VAT, customs and import issues, and international shipping expenses.  

Partners Receive Significant Training Discounts and Benefits

  • Up to a 75% Discount on Partner Course Vouchers
  • Up to a 40% Discount on Courses Taught by Phase2
  • Discounts on Phase2 Course Training Materials
  • Free Certification Training for Partner Instructors
  • Discounted Rates for Customized Course Design

Partners Have Global Access to 7,000+ Colleges and Universities

Phase2 Advantage Cyber Security Training Materials: INGRAM VITALSOURCE

Phase2 Advantage has partnered with VitalSource’s digital content publishing platform to offer cyber security training and certification capabilities to students around the globe. VitalSource (Ingram Publishing) and Follett provide digital academic resources to over 7,000 academic institutions around the globe in support of their academic degree and professional development programs.  Students graduating from academic programs using our materials can only sit for proctored certification examinations with official Phase2 training partners.

Partners Receive Extensive Marketing and Instructor Support

When a training and certification organization officially partners with Phase2 Advantage we offer a level of support that exceeds industry and students standards.  Listed below is a limited sample of the training, material, and logistic support we offer.

  • Instructor Materials
  • Hard Copy Course Materials
  • Electronic Course Materials
  • Certification Examinations
  • CPE Credit Documentation
  • Customized Learning Management System Portal
  • Course Marketing and Co-Branding Support
  • Partner Course Listings on Phase2 Website

Become a Phase2 Advantage Training and Certification Partner

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