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Phase2 Launches Self-Study and Online Cybersecurity Certification Programs

Phase2 Advantage is pleased to announce its new partnership with Proctorio, an online proctoring company using the most advanced machine learning technology in the industry. Students will now be able to sit for proctored certification exams using their personal computers from any location in the world.

The Proctorio Learning Integrity Platform authenticates student identity and ensures the same level of integrity as a proctored classroom examination at no additional charge to the student.

As a result of this advanced online proctoring capability, Phase2 Advantage now offers several self-study and instructor-led online cyber security courses for individuals who are not able to attend classroom-based certification programs.

This format allows students to learn at their own pace, in a comfortable environment, and receive a 60% discount off a classroom-based course.

These self-study courses include the same textbooks, work books, and lab textbooks used for classroom instruction. Upon successful completion of the course, students can earn the Course Certification and will receive a 40-Hour CPE Credit Certificate. Our experienced instructors are always available to answer any question a student may have during their enrollment in the course.

To learn more about these new programs, please visit the Self-Study Courses and Online Instruction pages in our website. Feel free to call our office at (912) 335-2217 if you prefer to speak with a live human being.

Michael I. Kaplan is a Corporate Information Security Consultant, certified Cyber Security Instructor, and the Director of Operations for Phase2 Advantage with 21 years of experience in the security industry.

His technical areas of specialization are Digital and Network Forensics, Cyber Threat Intelligence, and Disaster and Incident Response Planning. Michael also possesses a high degree of subject matter expertise regarding conformance to Cyber Security Frameworks (CSF) and provides consulting services for clients regarding the NICE Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

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