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Certified Vulnerability Assessment Specialist

Instructor-Led via Zoom Web Conferencing

Course Description

Instructor-Led Online: Certified Vulnerability Assessment Specialist

The ability to identify, prioritize, and mitigate network vulnerabilities is a critical core competency required to protect and defend organizational operations from threats posed by malicious actors. Information Security professionals tasked with vulnerability assessment missions must possess a strong foundation of technical knowledge, analytical expertise, and the intuition to implement solutions in ways that align with strategic organizational objectives.

The Certified Vulnerability Assessment Specialist training course combines proven techniques and a diverse body of knowledge with industry best practices developed to ensure the highest probability of successful remediation outcomes. Students will be presented with 16 detailed learning domains covering topics such as Threat Intelligence and Analysis, Selecting Risk Measurement Standards, Identifying Vulnerability States, and Vulnerability Management Architecture. Practical lab exercises utilize Nmap, a network exploration and security auditing tool used in real-world assessments.

Course Outline and Learning Objectives

01) Overview of The Attack Chain
02) Defining the Vulnerability Landscape
03) Threat Intelligence and Analysis
04) Credential Asset Risks
05) Principles of Vulnerability Assessment
06) Principles of Configuration Assessment
07) Selecting Risk Measurement Standards
08) Identifying Vulnerability States

09) Vulnerability Authorities and Sources
10) The Vulnerability Management Program
11) Vulnerability Management Design
12) Vulnerability Management Development
13) Vulnerability Management Deployment
14) Vulnerability Management Operations
15) Vulnerability Management Architecture
16) Preparing for Regulatory Compliance

Hard Copy Course Materials (Included: FREE SHIPPING)

Course Textbook
Course Lab Textbook

Exam Prep Guide
Course Workbook & Labs

Lab Images (if Applicable)
Domain Assessment Quizzes

CPE Credit Certificate
Certification Examination

Knowledge Assessment Exam

ase2 Advantage Cyber Security Certification Examination

Upon completion of instructor-led online courses, students will be prepared to sit for the knowledge assessment exam. The proctored examination will consist of True/False, Multiple Choice, and Fill in the Blank questions.  The exam may be taken at any time within 30-days of completing the course.

Students will have two hours to complete a computer-based examination consisting of 100 questions. A score of 70% or higher is required to earn the certification. Upon successful completion of the exam and a review of the proctor report, students will be mailed a hardcopy of their certification and their CPE credit documentation via USPS 2-Day mail within 72-hours of the exam date.

The examination is “closed book.” However, students will be allowed to use their notes on material presented during the course.  Students will be provided with the necessary instructions for taking the exam in an online proctored environment by Proctorio, Phase2 Advantage’s online proctoring service.

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4 Days


32 CPE Credits


The Certified Vulnerability Assessment Specialist course is a component of the career progression track that supports the required Categories, Specialty Areas and Work Roles as defined by the National Initiative for Cybersecurity Education (NICE) Cybersecurity Workforce Framework.

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