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Cyber Security for Military Affiliates

Cyber Security for Military Affiliates

Phase2 Advantage supports the military affiliate community, and actively encourages its members to pursue careers in cyber security. Our support of this community — Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Retired or Veteran — is genuine. Our company does not take this position because it is trendy, fashionable, or a great public relations opportunity for marketing and sales. We hold firmly to the belief that when it comes to supporting our brothers and sisters in uniform, it is an absolute obligation.

All cyber certification courses offered by Phase2 Advantage provide a high level of value for students. However, there are specific courses are particularly relevant to the Military Affiliate Community, as they support training requirements for the DOD 8570 (Baseline Certifications for Information Assurance). If you are Active Duty, Guard, Reserve, Retired or a Military Veteran from any branch of service, we invite you to explore cyber security as a career choice.  With over 300,000 job vacancies waiting to be filled by qualified applicants in the US alone, the opportunities for a great future are virtually endless.

We Support the Military Affiliate Community


Phase2 Advantage is a Veteran-Owned Company

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The founder of Phase2 Advantage, Michael I. Kaplan, is a military veteran.  Michael served honorably in the US Army 11th Special Forces Group (Airborne), and spent the majority of his time deployed in Latin America as an expert in Soviet special operations and tactics.  He’s an advocate for veteran issues and regularly supports a number of military affiliate community causes.  Michael is the author of, “The Prior-Service Entrepreneur: Veteran Entrepreneurship and Lean Business Start-Up,” an Amazon Bestseller used by many university business programs, and originally written for the US Navy’s reintegration program in Norfolk, VA.


Phase2 Advantage Believes in the Military Affiliate Community's Potential

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From the Phase2 Founder: Your military experience has made you a special breed apart from your counterparts. Your experience has prepared you to face unforeseen challenges, overcome insurmountable odds, and demonstrate leadership in a wide variety of environments. Your dedication to training, ability to accept responsibility, and unrelenting commitment to achieving objectives demonstrates the strength of your character.

Despite extraordinary risk, you choose to serve your country with distinction, realizing the potential reward for your patriotism may ultimately be the sacrifice of your life. It will always be a part of you; it will shape your mindset, perceptions, and responses forever. Your military experience has also created for you a less noticeable benefit: it has made you an ideal candidate for a career in cyber security.

It is crucial to understand that despite the obstacles – overcoming commonly held myths and the natural apprehension of acclimating to a highly technological environment – you have both the capacity and the ability to pursue a cyber security path and achieve success.

More importantly, it is imperative to believe you have the power to do so. Given the imposed challenges of modern culture, it’s easy to become overwhelmed. When you believe you have the power to succeed in this technological realm, you’re actually affirming a sense of control that cannot be taken away from you. The power over one’s mindset is never taken away; it is always relinquished freely.

You don’t need to be told that twice. Your experience proves that every time you put on a uniform and prepare your mindset for battle in defense of America’s freedoms.

The thing that differentiates you from the pack is not your creativity, brilliance, or pedigree. What makes you inherently different is your refusal to relinquish your power to succeed and renounce your dreams. When other people quit in the face of challenges, you don’t.

Your country is calling you again. Seize the moment, act with intentionality, and conquer the challenge of cyber security certification training as you’ve conquered other challenges in your military past: successfully.

Ask About Our Training Discounts

Phase2 Advantage offers discounts to non-profit organizations, federal agencies, law enforcement personnel, and the military affiliate community. We also offer group discounts. Email to see if your organization qualifies for one or more of our discount programs.

A FREE Copy for Military Affiliate Students

A free copy of The Prior-Service Entrepreneur will be made available to all Phase2 students who are members of the Military Affiliate Community. Don’t let the title mislead you; this book was written for anyone with a passion to succeed in any profession. From the publisher:

In this highly inspirational book, Kaplan uses a unique approach that combines optimal mindset with experiential leadership to provide you with the greatest opportunity for success. His 30 years of successful military and business experience lays a solid foundation to provide exacting strategies for both personal and professional development. He offers an in-depth approach to taking control of your life and successfully reach the goals you set for yourself despite any obstacles you believe stand in your way. The Prior-Service Entrepreneur is MUCH more than a book for starting a business; it provides valuable insights into life skills, job readiness and mastering your competitive advantage. It will show you how to overcome personal challenges, increase confidence, and reinvigorate your sense of purpose.

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