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Cyber Security for Law Enforcement

Cyber Security Certification for Law Enforcement Agencies

The emerging threat of cybercrime poses unique challenges for law enforcement agencies throughout the United States. Although different methodologically from traditional crimes such as robbery or fraud, the realization that computer-based crimes have severe impacts in the tangible world is starting to dominate public consciousness. The threats posed by criminals in the digital space is increasing exponentially, and citizens will increasingly turn to law enforcement agencies when they are victimized. Phase2 Advantage wants to ensure these agencies can respond to these calls and are prepared to protect the vulnerable members of society who are victimized.

Elevated public awareness has resulted in increased funding for law enforcement agencies to engage the threat of cybercrime. Although encouraging, the lack of available training programs for local and state agencies has the potential to create barriers. We are responding by providing training programs for these agencies, removing the barriers, and proving the needed capabilities to address this threat.

Critical Courses for Law Enforcement

All cyber certification courses offered by Phase2 Advantage provide a high level of value for students.  However, two specific courses are particularly relevant to Law Enforcement Agencies, as they directly support their mission to identify, investigate, and prosecute cybercrime in their jurisdictions.  The full course descriptions are listed below.


The Certified Network Forensic Analysis Manager certification course provides both lab and field personnel with the capabilities listed above, but on a larger scale. This discipline of computer forensics focuses on systems and networks of connected devices, live acquisition of digital evidence, and the unique challenges of collecting evidence in a large, distributed environment.

Certified Network Forensic Analysis Manager

Certified Network Forensic Analysis Manager

The Certified Network Forensic Analysis Manager certification course was originally developed for the U.S. government, and has now been made available to city, county, and state law enforcement agencies. Civilian personnel outside the law enforcement community are also authorized to attend on a case-by-case basis.

This comprehensive course brings incident response and network forensic core competencies to advanced levels by presenting students with 16 detailed learning objectives. Students will be provided with both experiential knowledge and practical skills that simulate real-world scenarios, investigations, and recovery of evidentiary data in systems and networks. With a specific focus on the centralizing and investigating of logging systems and network devices, students will cover topics such as: Incident Response Management; Live Data Collection; Analysis Methodology; Investigating Windows Systems; Investigating Applications; and, Malware Triage.

Ask About Our Training Discounts

Phase2 Advantage offers many training discounts for federal agencies, law enforcement personnel, the military affiliate community, and groups from the private sector.  Email to see if your organization qualifies for these discounts.

Advocacy for Law Enforcement Agencies

The founder of Phase2 Advantage, Michael I. Kaplan, has developed training initiatives specifically designated for the law enforcement community.  Why?  After serving honorably in the armed forces, Michael was recruited into an International Fugitive Task force based in Miami, Florida.  He supervised a team of investigators with regional responsibility in the Caribbean and Latin America, tasked with the mission of serving UFAP (Unlawful Flight to Avoid Prosecution) warrants.  Michael also served as a course instructor for investigative methodologies and forensic document analysis.  A few of Michael’s Federal Letters of Reference have been provided below.  Click on the thumbnail graphic to view a full size image of the reference document.

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