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What is The Ultimate Training Experience?

There’s no shortage of training companies in the U.S., and no shortage of instructors willing to staff them.  With so many choices and unverifiable marketing claims, it’s difficult to separate the wheat from the chaff.  We believe obtaining a cyber security certification is more than just a task or event for the student; it’s an experience.

We strive to provide our students with “The Ultimate Training Experience.”  That’s not a Phase2 Advantage tag line or marketing hook. It’s a core belief that drives the way we conduct our business and our training.  Listed below are the reasons we think you’ll agree.

Phase2 Advantage

A Beautiful Coastal Location

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Our training facility is just minutes away from the beautiful Golden Isles of Georgia. When the training ends, students are able to enjoy a breathtaking landscape for rest and relaxation, located just a short distance from their hotel. Pristine marshlands and sandy beaches stretch for miles, a scenic backdrop for historic landmarks, wonderful dining, great nightlife, and world-class golf courses.

Phase2 Advantage

An Excellent Training Facility

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Our state-of-the-art training facility at the Coastal Regional Commission of Georgia features smart technology, comfortable classroom seating for up to 75 students, and is located just two minutes off I-95.  The CRC is a multi-county planning and development agency that serves 10 counties, 35 cities, and provides our students with unequaled opportunities for practical field training components during their cyber security certification training.

Phase2 Advantage

Exceptional Hotels and Dining

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We encourage our students to select their lodging in Brunswick, located approximately 15-minutes south of our training facility  on I-95.  The top hotel brands are spacious, immaculately clean, and very affordable (most offer military and/or government discounts).  Numerous restaurants can be found minutes from the hotels, catering to every taste at very reasonable prices.  From seafood and steak, to barbecue and bistros, dining in this coastal city is nothing short of awesome.

Phase2 Advantage

Outstanding Training and Certifications

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All of the cyber security certifications offered by Phase2 Advantage are listed on NICCS, nationally recognized, and attended by a variety of organizations: military, government, corporate, and academic.  Classroom lectures and field training components are combined to provide students with an experiential learning experience.  We believe earning a certification – without being able to practically apply that knowledge – is a waste of students’ time and employers’ money.

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Experienced and Enthusiastic Instruction

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Have you attended courses in which an unmotivated instructor reads directly from slides for 8-hours, in a monotone voice, and doesn’t want to take the time to fully answer questions?  We believe “Death by PowerPoint” is cruel and unusual punishment our students don’t deserve.  Phase2 Advantage instructors are highly motivated subject matter experts, passionate about their discipline, and dedicated to providing successful outcomes for the students at every step of the certification process.


Join us for The Ultimate Training Experience.

Cyber Security Certification Training

Phase2 Advantage offers certification courses at our classroom facility in Georgia, instructor-led online courses via the WebEx platform, and remote training at the clients’ site.  We also develop customized courses to meet organizational needs.  Click the links below to find out more about our training options.

Phase2 Advantage: Classroom Instruction

Classroom Instruction

Our state-of-the-art training facility at the Coastal Regional Commission of GA allows for the perfect blend of classroom learning and practical field components for the 20 cyber certification courses we offer.

Phase2 Advantage: Online Training

Online Instruction

For those authorized to attend training but lacking a travel budget, we offer numerous cyber certification courses via the Webex online platform. Check out our training calendar for all 2019 online classes.

Phase2 Advantage: Customized Courses

Customized Courses

Organizations with specific or proprietary training needs will benefit from a wide range of Phase2 instructional design and professional development capabilities. We stand ready to support your mission.

Training Discounts

Phase2 Advantage offers a 15% discount to members of the Military Affiliate Community, and for group registrations of five or more students.  To request a training quote with discounted rates, please feel free to contact us at

Phase2 Advantage: Military Affiliate Community Discounts

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