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Cyber Security Training Materials for Higher Education

Certification Courses Designed with Academic Programs in Mind

Cyber Security Course Materials for Higher Education

Colleges and universities around the world are working diligently to create cyber security curricula to provide students with the high-quality and practical education needed to meet increasing workforce demands. Leaders within the academic community are understand there are currently over 500,000 cyber security positions open throughout the United States that cannot be filled due to a lack of qualified applicants. That shortage is expected to increase exponentially in the next few years.

The greatest challenge faced by the faculty and staff tasked with creating cyber security programs is identifying relevant textbooks and workbooks that are designed to align with academic calendars and can be easily incorporated into existing and/or new course offerings.

Phase2 Advantage understands the needs and challenges faced by higher education. We create and publish cyber security training materials in formats specifically designed for academic environments.

Training Material Content and Structure

  • Course Organization: Each of our cyber security certification courses (approved and listed on the website) consists of 16 instructional domains. This structure aligns well with both traditional brick-and-mortar 16-week semester systems and non-traditional online 8-week programs.
  • Knowledge Assessments: A knowledge assessment is located at the conclusion of each domain consisting of 18 multiple choice, true/false, and fill-in-the-blank questions. The answers to these questions have been provided in an Answer Key placed at the end of the Exam Prep Guide textbook.  Each textbook contains over 280 domain knowledge assessment questions.
  • Contact Hours: Each of our cyber security certification courses is 40-hours in length and includes lecture and lab content when presented in a 5-day certification format for industry professionals. The number of contact hours in each course aligns well with both traditional brick-and-mortar 16-week semester systems and non-traditional online 8-week programs.
  • Instructor Materials: Institutions enrolled in the Phase2 Partner Program that are using our Exam Prep Guide textbooks purchased through VitalSource will be provided corresponding lecture slides free of charge upon request.  The PDF domain lecture slides are identical to those used in our cyber security certification courses.

Phase2 Advantage Cyber Security Textbooks on VitalSource

Phase2 Advantage has partnered with VitalSource’s digital content publishing platform to offer cyber security training and certification capabilities to students around the globe. VitalSource, a subsidiary of the Ingram Content Group (Ingram Publishing), provides digital academic resources to over 7,000 academic institutions around the globe in support of their academic degree and professional development programs.

Listed below are the textbooks currently available on the VitalSource platform; additional titles will be added throughout the year.  If your institution utilizes the VitalSource platform, access your VitalSource Management Portal to add Phase2 Advantage cyber security course Exam Prep Guides to your Library. Sampling has been enabled for all eligible faculty and staff.

VitalSource: Certified Cyber Security Operations Manager
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VitalSource: Certified Cyber Incident Response Manager
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VitalSource: Certified Disaster Response and Recovery Manager
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VitalSource: Certified Network Forensic Analysis Manager
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